Tape Family

Tape systems designed with a general purpose aggressive rubber-based adhesive that bonds to a wide variety of gasket materials and other substrates including foams. The 4100 series provides an economical bonding solution for a broad range of end-use applications in the industrial, automotive, and appliance/white goods markets. Exhibiting exceptional high peel and excellent QUICK STICK, new 4100 series tapes are available in a variety of construction and release liner options. 4100 Series Sell Sheet

Multi-purpose acrylic system with high tack and moderate shear used for a variety of general purpose bonding applications.

Next generation high performance solvent free, Low VOC acrylic adhesive system. Environmentally friendly and Ideal for most types of adhesive requirements for Automotive and other applications including foam bonding.

Specialty tapes coated with high performance silicone adhesive. Excellent adhesion to low energy surfaces and silicone foams. Also engineered for high temperature resistance requirements (up to 500 Deg F, as seen in the automotive, appliance and other industries. Ideal for for use in harsh environments requiring UV and chemical resistance.

A two sided, high tack, high shear, 8-mils total thickness with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system on a 1-mil PET film. Converter friendly red PP liner allows for precise die cutting and slitting needs.  Exceptional performance for wood, metals, rubber and plastic extrusions.

Next generation high performance acrylic adhesive system for Low Surface Energy (LSE)bonding. Ideal for most types of adhesive requirements for Automotive and other applications including foam bonding.

General Purpose unsupported acrylic adhesive with excellent adhesion to a broad range of surfaces including low energy and other plastics. Adhesive contains reinforcing fibers for narrow width slitting and die cutting.

A high tack, high shear modified acrylic adhesive coated on both sides of a polyester film. This Adhesive System has excellent adhesion to vinyl and painted metal surfaces along with good adhesion to sponge rubbers.

The plasticizer tolerant acrylic adhesive system demonstrating moderate tack and peel with excellent long term shear strength.  The adhesive system has some short term repositionability to assist in part assembly.

A high performance rubber based transfer adhesive exhibiting high peel strength, excellent initial tack and shear strength. 6801-P is engineered for applying adhesive to expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) used in the engineered packaging industry.