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Product: MTB-190-60

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Product Description:
A 1/32" thick black, 6 lb. density cross linked polyethylene foam coated on both sides with a high performance acrylic adhesive system developed specifically for extreme environmental exposures that does not require silane/isopropanol pre-treatment for adhesion to glass or ceramic surfaces.

Product Use:
Provide for long-term indoor and outdoor bonding of glass, ceramics, primed, painted, aluminum and plastic surfaces without silane/isopropanol pre- wash. The double-coated tape was engineered specifically for resistance to air, water, detergents, moisture, light and dust penetration. Foam is also used to fill any irregularities and functionally provide cushioning, absorb vibration and shock, and allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature variations. See associated sheets for specific testing and performance data.

Adhesive Family
MT SDL Muntin Tape System
Release Liner
74# White Polycoated Kraft
1/32" Black Foam
Tape Construction
Double Coated PE Foam Tape
Adhesive Liner Side
Adhesive Thickness - Liner Side (Mils)
Adhesive Exposed Side
Adhesive Thickness - Exposed Side (Mils)
Peel Exposed Side
No peel possible. Oz/Inch
Peel Liner Side
No peel possible. Oz/Inch
Shear Exposed Side
Shear Liner Side
Service Temperature
°F to °F

Note: Data is based on limited testing and under no load.
Roll Weight

Note: Theoretical number only. The actual roll weight may vary.
Tape Thickness (without release liner)

Note: Theoretical number only. Does not include Release Liner. The actual Tape thickness may vary.
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SDS Note: If the specific product is not listed in the appendix of the provided "Article Exemption Letter", please contact your sales/account representative for a SDS.

Materials Exposed Side
Materials Liner Side
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Disclaimer: The above information has been provided as a general guidance to assist in preliminary identification of potential products and adhesive systems. Data presented are typical properties taken from a limited number of laboratory tests and should not be used for specification purposes. All Adchem products are sold with the understanding that purchasers will be solely responsible for determining the suitability of the materials for any purpose. Adchem Corporation makes no warranties, either express or implied including any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for use regarding the product information herein.

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