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    A broad array of articles to support your selection of PSA’s including articles about release liners, static control, foams, substrates and adhesive tape selection.


Bonding Tape Systems for TPO Materials
A white paper on Conventional and Low VOC bonding Tape Systems for the TPO materials..
Cockling Article
Protecting PSA Release Liners from Heat and Humidity
Controlling Static Article
Controlling Static: Alternatives to Tinsel
Foam Article
The Challenge of Making Foam Stick
Laser Cutting PSA Tapes
A study by Universal Laser Systems on Laser cutting of Adchem PSA tapes.
Release Liner Article
Improving Production Efficiency with Optimal Release Liners
Static Electricity Control in PSA Tapes
Static Electricity, its effect on PSA tape systems and ways to control it
Tape Application Guide
Article providing general Guidelines for the Application of Tape.  Includes recommendations on proper Application Temperature, required Surface Preparations and achieving a good Bond.
The ABC's of Glazing PSA's
Glazing Pressure Sensitive Adhesives - Best practice for Vinyl windows
What's in a Number? - A White Paper
A White Paper on how to decipher the data/numbers in Technical Bulletins for PSA tapes